Who are we

We are first and foremost outdoor lovers. And because of our love for nature we would like to show you the beauty of what we have found. We are maybe a bit outside of your standard guiding company. We have traveled big parts of the planet with climbing gear, kayaks, surfboards and skis. We love what we do, and we love seeing your skills grow as the adventure grow. But first and foremost we are a white label company, meaning we provide services for global touring operators searching for extraordinary experiences in the 1000 years old western route of the Vikings, from Norway to Greenland. You will not find us running 3 times a day 2 hour sessions in a pond near the airport. Our specialty is longer lasting journeys but we also do 1 day excursions on a limited basis to the most secret and beautiful locations we have found.

Small groups

We are known for running small groups, besides everything except earnings, small groups are the way to go. You are supposed to feel like you are part of the trip, not just a passenger. We want you to learn while you are out there, and the only way that can happen is if we keep the group tight and small. Some might say that a good guide can take a large group, strangely enough, we feel the better we get, the smaller the group.

Envirmonmental ethics

Popular these days are sustainable travelling, sorry to break it to you; travelling aren´t very enviro healthy by nature. But let´s be responsible once we have decided to go. Because believe us, there are better and worse ways to travel. We bring the environmental focus into all of our adventures, not just bringing our trash, and following a leave no trace philosophy, we have created adventures for kids and adults with the sole purpose to clean our beaches and coves, and during 2016/17 over 850 school kids have cleaned out liters of plastic trash while having the adventure of a lifetime, coasteering.


Most of our guides also do lots of coaching and teaching within the activities we provide. Someone asked once about this, worrying she would only learn if she did training or coaching and not guiding; “I don´t wanna be taken to the top, I want to learn”, I had to reply: “Great that you want to learn, because if you said yo wanted just to be taken through it, we just couldn’t´t do it”


We have several partners the most important being all our friends and guides. But we are also supported by some pretty fantastic manufacturers out there.













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