Snow Kite Training lvl1

Kite skiing? The only way ever that you are going to sail on snow. Kite skiing is one of the most joyful activities on the planet. And our Norwegian high mountains are probably the best place in the world to both learn and enjoy kite skiing. But as with all things, learning how to use your kite safely is of essence. Northern Exposure is a co owner of a specialised Kite skiing company,, based on Finse in the midst of Hardangervidda between Oslo and Bergen on the railway. We want you to be safe while kiting. this means that we have a high guide to student ratio, and a super high Kite to student ratio. And that is all because conditions vary and for you to have the best learning experience we have found it irresponsible to provide teaching without being able to provide a close to perfect kite for your abilities and the conditions at hand. We are lucky enough to be positioned at the historical grounds of Finse hotel, a perfect location for not just kite skiing, but also to enjoy a fantastic dinner or a great cup of warm coffee and some pastry while you warm back up from beeing outside in the winter mountains. Finse has so much to offer outside of just good kite skiing conditions that you will surely come back. Enjoy the highest kite to student ratio in the business, 3 kites each at all times! And of course we have a wind guarantee.

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