Sea Kayak Activity Leader lvl3

Have you ever thought about becoming a paddling instructor, or have found that it might be your way? this is the course for you. If you meet the requirements we will, over 3 days, give you the one of the best NPF Activity leader courses around. After this course you are entering the domain of the pros. Based at the beautiful West coast of Norway, you will benefit from lots of kayaking instruction but also enjoy some of the finest sea kayaking in Norway as we explore the surrounding coastline in this area.This course focus on how to take care of others, and how to coach them. This is a pass or fail course and it is important that you as a student understand that this course is where all changes from focusing on your own wellbeing and learning, to focusing on others well being and learning.

«Where it all changes from what peaks you climbed to how many you brought to the top and back safely»