Avalanche training Alpine

So you have decided to take your alpine skis out of bounds? Welcome to one of the best parts of frozen snow, the off piste! This is the playground for the playful skiers. It´s where you can take a whole day touring up the mountain with your best friends and have one of natures most satisfying rewards, gravity, take you to heaven on a soft pillow of fantastic snow all the way down. But going here will most certainly bring you into terrain perfect also for the avalanches. rnrnLearning how to approach this problem and getting some tools on how to reduce your risk to acceptable levels is the goal of the avalanche training. It can nevner become a 100% safe journey going out of bounds, but we hope to equip you with a philosophy that both reduces the risk while you are there and maybe but some weight behind the sometimes difficult decision of turning around.  Join us training for safe enjoyable trips in the white heaven!rnrn

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