Avalanche training Nordic

Skiing in the mountains will&nbsp;</strong><b>inevitably bring you into avalanche terrain. Moving hardly any distance in the western mountains of Norway during wintertime will bring you into potential avalanche terrain? Did you know that with the right training you will be able to plan better, and manage most of the risk of&nbsp;being exposed to potential avalanche hazard? This course is a combination of both theoretical elements of snow and it´s properties and a practical&nbsp;work trough of different tools and routines you can follow in the mountains to make it safer. Avoidance is the best cure.</b>rnrnWe use the mountains we love, the mountains of western Norway, from Hardangervidda to Mjølfjell. or any other location you want us to cover. The course has a focus towards best practise for how to handle and prepare for movement on Nordic Skis through potential avalanche terrain. A big part of the course follows the philosophy of putting you and the group in real decision making situations, and evaluation of conditions at hand.rnrn</div>rn</div>rn<div class=»wpb_text_column wpb_content_element «>rn<div class=»wpb_wrapper»>rn<blockquote>Avoiding the problem is often a lot easier than curing the problem.</blockquote>

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