Coastal Adventure

Coast isn´t what most think of when someone say Norway. But even though most say that Norwegians are all mountains and fjords the truth is somewhat very different. Our Northern Exposure guides have done a fair bit of adventure travel around the globe. And even though we willingly admit that the fjords are special, you just need to see the coast.

We dare almost say that there are more islands on the Norwegian coast than in the rest of the world combined. The Maldives, Seychelles and Marshall Islands are about 3-4000 islands combined, Norway has 230 000, and we are talking thousands just outside of Bergen! The best part about all the islands is that we can paddle any day and in any weather. Around islands, one side is always protected. Great for paddlers. It´s not a world where you are either on a vast ocean or on dry land. We have mile on mile with protected waters and they are some times only a stones throw from the inferno of white water that the big sea can be. The itinerary will be very flexible, allowing us to choose the best places to paddle depending on the weather and sea state.

«Maybe one of the most well kept secrets of Norway, the coast. Thousands of islands with the most fascinating history, from the Vikings to World War II»