Fjord&Coast, 5-day

A journey over 5 days,&nbsp;&nbsp;you are surely after a special adventure, and this is one of the full monty trips. The fjords are synonymous with the &nbsp;Norwegian west coast. And this trip is one of the best ways to explore them. The Fjords start at the ocean and so does this trip. The last years more than one of the fjords have received the UNESCO status, and with this follows crowds, but be calmed. We know when to go where, to get you that true Fjord feeling. Maybe we will take you to some secret spots, or down a road few follow. It is our first and most important task to bring you the real experience. Join us for an unforgettable journey.</strong>\r\n\r\n&nbsp;\r\n\r\n</div>\r\n</div>\r\n<div class=\»wpb_text_column wpb_content_element \»>\r\n<div class=\»wpb_wrapper\»>\r\n<blockquote>Combine fjords and coast into one, and you get the whole experience of what the Norwegian fjord lands are all about&nbsp;</blockquote>