Historical Islands 1-day

Classical mountain cabins, a bride rowing in the fjords, glaciers and snow covered mountaintops; the Norwegian romantic period at it´s best. But is this truly our greatest heritage?

Many Norwegians forget that the coast and the sea is truly what made us who we are. It´s the western coast, from south to north that Norway’s trade, wealth and sense for exploration truly came to life. We would like to give you an experience trough activity, true stories, not so true stories and wonder of our western historical islands. Islands that trough thousands of years shaped us into who we are. For the island men and the coastal people a travel to UK´s eastern islands has for more than a 1000 years been a short 20-30 hours sailing, whilst a trip to Oslo would be a week. The way to West was called “Vesterled” and it started here and ended in Canada.

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