Nordic ski adventure 3-days

3 days, 3 days that might just change the way you see the mountains, it may change your idea of foul weather, it might surprise you with moments out of this world. Cloudless skies, stars in the night or winds howling so bad it feels like someone is throwing chains in your face. This is the winter mountains, expecting the unexpected is the game, but for those willing to dive in the reward is priceless. And 3 days just isn´t enough so you come back for more, more and more. We are located at what is maybe mountain heritage site number one. Finse. Here we are located at the very top of  «Hardangervidda» a fantastic location for any winter adventure. The location both has a replica of Amundsen´s cabin at the South Pole and the historical hotel of Finse1222 our main base at Finse. This makes for great possibilities of combining a great nights sleep at Finse, with a mesmerising night in a expedition tent outside in the high Norwegian mountains. All of this located a 2,5 hour train ride from downtown Bergen. Distance covered each day is according to group plan and weather, but everything from 5km-30km is customisable. Decision is made upon group request.