Ski Expedition Training

Nordic skiing in Norwegian high mountains or dreaming of bigger things? This is the training for you. Our guides have extensive experience training everything from the ordinary guy to special forces for their winter missions, and guiding groups in the arctic. Staying out in the white for multiple days is maybe one of the most rewarding journeys one can make. Being able to stand up smiling in 10m/s wind and -25C is quite a good feeling, cause you are mastering something most people on this planet think are right out deadly. And for sure they can be quite dangerous. But with the right training and equipment even this domain can be turned into a joyful arena. Few bonds are stronger than those made sharing a tent in the mountain during winter. Learning how to handle this involves everything from equipment choices to lighting up a stove, repairing a stove, snuggling in your sleeping pad, and have first row seats to the crispest, clearest and freshest air you´ll ever taste. And on a clear winter night you also have the highest chance of seeing natures own spectacle the northern lights. Join in and prepare for your most fascinating acquisition of skills ever. Winter expeditioning isn´t a game of hating, it´s a game of mastering to a point where your enjoying. It´s all about mastering the harsh environment to a point where it turnes into pure joy.

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