Anette K. Kristiansen

  Whats that laughter? Ahh it´s just Anette enjoying life ! [tabs] [tab title=»Skills and courses»] asdasd [/tab] [tab title=»Experience»] asdasd [/tab] [/tabs]

Rental Outdoor gear

Rental equipment, the never ending story of bad kit at horrible prices We do try to go in another direction. Very good kit, at the right prices.   [row cols_nr=»2″ class=»narrow»] [col size=»4″] MSR Storm King 5 person Expedition tent price: 700/day   [/col] [col size=»8″] [/col] [/row] [row cols_nr=»2″ class=»narrow»] [col size=»4″] Hilleberg Tarra …

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