Om oss

Kyrre Flotve

First and foremost a snow- and waterman. A life lived in snowsuits, wetsuits and drysuits. Loving every minute of being outside. For a few years he had an idea to become an engineer, but understood that when every exam period was rather spent reading a map, than reading math, changes needed to be made.

From 2006-2015 co-owned the best paddling shop and training center in Norway, God Tur in Bergen. All the time also guiding paddling and skiing. From 2016 working outside became a 5-7 days a week job as he also work with a youth school program for kids with challenges in a normal school day. Being able to teach kids math while navigating a boat just makes a lot more sense to both them and Kyrre as well as learning about marine life while free diving and doing work for the local aquarium. Kyrre brings a lot of himself into guiding, it has always been his first and foremost joy to put smiles on peoples faces when they receive some of his knowledge of the areas we travel. He doesn’t like being to serious, but loves good talks about whatever field you find interesting. Staying close to this guy also means you end up on some pretty great pictures, 99% of our published pictures are taken by Kyrre. Follow him on Instagram or Smug Mug for more.

Camilla Ianke

Operations Manager, Owner,logistical mastermind and guide “extraordinaire”. Camilla has worked with all seasons the arctic and northern hemisphere can bring. Greenland, Svalbard and Russia, bring it on! From frozen to liquid water or stone hard rock, Camilla has most everything dialled in.

Camilla has worked with the hardest people of the allied winter warfare forces to the average Joe. Her specialty is making you have a good time in any conditions. She is the one surprising you with wine gums, just when you need it the most. We must admit we would truly be nothing without Camilla (she would, of course deny this, but it´s true).Camilla has always worked with the outdoors, either as an instructor or as a guide. For many years she worked in the Norwegian Navy with Physical Education. But always spending all her spare time guiding and teaching outdoor skills. Co-founded Northern Exposure in 2010, and today co-own multiple companies in the outdoor training and guiding business. Camilla has also been key part in establishing training standards for Avalanche safety, kayaking and coasteering. She holds a masters degree in outdoor recreational activity focusing on the human factor in decision making processes for avalanche safety.