Boat assistance

We know that getting to the best places or following a crew around on their paddle adventures isn´t always easy. Thats why we can provide the service of a boat charter. This means that we can cater the needs of your group. We are familiar to setting up remote camps on islands and helping out your crew diving at the best sites or fishing at the best sites. With trained crew of skippers and a perfect boat for your small group setups we are standing by for your adventure.

For a long time being able to get to the best locations around the west coast of Norway has been a difficult thing. We can help solve these problems. We are based on the west coast outside of Bergen, a 7 minute boat ride to the open seas. Welcome aboard.We have done different missions of exploring and transport. But most of all we have spent, since 2015, time to explore and map out the western archipelago so that your adventure can be as good as it can. Remember also that our service is different because our skipper isn´t just a skipper, Kyrre is also our in house waterman; Paddler, Diver, Photographer and fly fisher.

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Shuttle service? Dive boat captain? Photography missions? Archeological survey? setting up a luxury camp? No problem, we can do that.



[tab title=»Pricing»]

[icon class=»icon-border» name=»e-right-open-mini»] Hourly rate: NOK 1300,- plus VAT/MVA

[icon class=»icon-border» name=»e-right-open-mini»] Hourly Idle rates: NOK 800,- plus VAT/MVA

[icon class=»icon-border» name=»e-right-open-mini»] Boat Specialty Setup (diving systems/kayak systems): NOK500,- plus VAT


[tab title=»Optional Equipment»]

[icon class=»icon-border» name=»e-right-open-mini»] Kayak shuttle setup

[icon class=»icon-border» name=»e-right-open-mini»] Diving Setup

[icon class=»icon-border» name=»e-right-open-mini»] Photosetup

[icon class=»icon-border» name=»e-right-open-mini»] Flyfishing setup


[tab title=»Boat Specs»]

[icon class=»icon-border» name=»e-right-open-mini»] 23 feet, sportsfishingboat, quicksilver 675 Pilothouse

[icon class=»icon-border» name=»e-right-open-mini»] Crusing speed 18-20 knots

[icon class=»icon-border» name=»e-right-open-mini»] 150Hp Mercury 4-stroke

[icon class=»icon-border» name=»e-right-open-mini»] Fridge

[icon class=»icon-border» name=»e-right-open-mini»] Navsystems, sidescan and more